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Onuki, M. Co Author Listing * Deblurring of point cloud attributes in graph spectral domain
* Design of optimized prefilters for time-domain lapped transforms with various downsampling factors
* Multidimensional linear-phase perfect reconstruction filter banks with higher order feasible building blocks
* Non-local/local image filters using fast eigenvalue filtering
* Trilateral filter on graph spectral domain
Includes: Onuki, M. Onuki, M.[Masaki]

Onuki, T.[Tomomi] Co Author Listing * Designing robot eyes for gaze communication
* Empirical Framework to Control Human Attention by Robot, An
Includes: Onuki, T.[Tomomi] Onuki, T.[Tomami]

Onuki, Y. Co Author Listing * Combined Use of Rear Touch Gestures and Facial Feature Detection to Achieve Single-Handed Navigation of Mobile Devices

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