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Pahal, N.[Nisha] Co Author Listing * Context-Based Semantic Tagging of Multimedia Data

Pahalawatta, K. Co Author Listing * Fusion of thermal and visible colour images for robust detection of people in forests

Pahalawatta, K.K. Co Author Listing * Classifying Airborne Particles
* Nano-scale particle classification using image histogram maximum value index of Rayleigh scattered images
* Particle Detection and Classification in Photoelectric Smoke Detectors Using Image Histogram Features

Pahalawatta, P.V. Co Author Listing * Improved Estimation of Transmission Distortion for Error-Resilient Video Coding
* Optimal sensor selection for video-based target tracking in a wireless sensor network
* Resource Allocation for Downlink Multiuser Video Transmission Over Wireless Lossy Networks
Includes: Pahalawatta, P.V. Pahalawatta, P.V.[Peshala V.]

Pahari, R.[Roshani] Co Author Listing * Comparison between the MODIS Product (MOD17A2) and a Tide-Robust Empirical GPP Model Evaluated in a Georgia Wetland, A

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