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Paplinski, A. Co Author Listing * Hierarchical Mutual Nearest Neighbour Image Segmentation
* Optimization of Iris Codes for Improved Recognition
* Parameter-free hierarchical image segmentation
Includes: Paplinski, A. Paplinski, A.[Andrew]

Paplinski, A.P.[Andrew P.] Co Author Listing * 3D Morphable Model fitting from multiple views
* Active Appearance Models for Automatic Fitting of 3D Morphable Models
* Automated Selection of Optimal Frames in NIR Iris Videos
* Automatic 3D modelling for prostate cancer brachytherapy
* Directional Filtering in Edge-Detection
* Face Recognition From Video using Active Appearance Model Segmentation
* Image-Coding Through D-Lattice Quantization of Wavelet Coefficients
* Performance Evaluation of Spatial Dynamic Motion Compensation Algorithms
* Reconstruction of Spheres using Occluding Contours from Stereo Images
* Robust Video Based Iris Segmentation System in Less Constrained Environments
* Segmentation of a Class of Ophtalmological Images Using a Directional Variance Operator and Cooccurrence Arrays
* Self-Organizing Topological Tree for Online Vector Quantization and Data Clustering
Includes: Paplinski, A.P.[Andrew P.] Paplinski, A.P.
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