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Pecina, M.V.[Miguel Villoslada] Co Author Listing * Application of an Unmanned Aerial System and Machine Learning Techniques for Red Clover-Grass Mixture Yield Estimation under Variety Performance Trials, The
* Automated Machine Learning Framework in Unmanned Aircraft Systems: New Insights into Agricultural Management Practices Recognition Approaches, An
* Evaluation of the Effects of UAS Flight Parameters on Digital Aerial Photogrammetry Processing and Dense-Cloud Production Quality in a Scots Pine Forest, An
* Machine Learning Classification and Accuracy Assessment from High-Resolution Images of Coastal Wetlands
Includes: Pecina, M.V.[Miguel Villoslada] Peciņa, M.V.[Miguel Villoslada]

Pecina, P.[Pavel] Co Author Listing * Machine Learning Approach to Hypothesis Decoding in Scene Text Recognition, A

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