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Puthenpurayil, S. Co Author Listing * Signal Passing Interface and Its Application to Embedded Implementation of Smart Camera Applications, The

Puthenputhussery, A. Co Author Listing * Color multi-fusion fisher vector feature for fine art painting categorization and influence analysis
* Generative and Discriminative Sparse Coding for Image Classification Applications
* Learning the discriminative dictionary for sparse representation by a general fisher regularized model
* Multiple Anthropological Fisher Kernel Framework and Its Application to Kinship Verification
* Novel general KNN classifier and general nearest mean classifier for visual classification
* novel inheritable color space with application to kinship verification, A
* SIFT flow based genetic fisher vector feature for kinship verification
* Sparse Representation Based Complete Kernel Marginal Fisher Analysis Framework for Computational Art Painting Categorization
* Sparse Representation Model Using the Complete Marginal Fisher Analysis Framework and Its Applications to Visual Recognition, A
Includes: Puthenputhussery, A. Puthenputhussery, A.[Ajit]
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Puthusserypady, S. Co Author Listing * Hinf-Adaptive Filters for Eye Blink Artifact Minimization From Electroencephalogram

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