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Qjidaa, H. Co Author Listing * Analysis and design of dickson charge pump for EEPROM in 180nm CMOS technology
* ASK-modulator design of RFID tag in 180nm CMOS technology
* Blocking artifact removal using partial overlapping based on exact Legendre moments computation
* design of a new resistor string DAC for phones applications in 130nm technology, A
* design of power management for passive UHF RFID tag in 90nm CMOS process, A
* Efficient image classification by using improved dual Hahn Moment Invariants
* Fast Algorithm of 3D Discrete Image Orthogonal Moments Computation Based on 3D Cuboid
* Fast and accurate computation of Racah moment invariants for image classification
* Fast computation of separable two-dimensional discrete invariant moments for image classification
* Fractional-order orthogonal Chebyshev Moments and Moment Invariants for image representation and pattern recognition
* Image Classification Using Separable Discrete Moments of Charlier-Tchebichef
* Image clustering based on hermetian positive definite matrix and radial Jacobi moments
* Image reconstruction by Krawtchouk moments via digital filter
* Integrated 60-V class-D power output stage with 95% efficiency in a 0.13 micro-m SOI BCD process
* Lip reading with Hahn Convolutional Neural Networks
* low power 6-bit current-steering DAC in 0.18- micro-m CMOS process, A
* new solution to optimize the time shift TV bandwidth, A
* Radial Meixner moments for rotational invariant pattern recognition
* Robust Line Fitting in a Noisy Image by the Method of Moments
* thresholding algorithm for improved split-row decoding method of irregular LDPC codes, A
* Translation and scale invariants of three-dimensional Tchebichef moments
* Translation Scaling and rotation invariants of 3D Krawtchouk moments
Includes: Qjidaa, H. Qjidaa, H.[Hassan]
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