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Resek, T. Co Author Listing * Deep Face Verification for Spherical Images
* Ground-to-Aerial Viewpoint Localization via Landmark Graphs Matching
* Two-tiered face verification with low-memory footprint for mobile devices
Includes: Resek, T. Resek, T.[Thiago]

Resende, G.[Gabriel] Co Author Listing * Towards an efficient 3D model estimation methodology for aerial and ground images

Resende, J.C.[Joao C.] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Grassland Degradation in Zona da Mata, MG, Brazil, Based on NDVI Time Series Data with the Integration of Phenological Metrics
Includes: Resende, J.C.[Joao C.] Resende, J.C.[Joćo C.]

Resende, P. Co Author Listing * cooperative personal automated transport system: A CityMobil demonstration in Rocquencourt, A

Resendiz, E. Co Author Listing * Automated Visual Inspection of Railroad Tracks
* Segmentation-based Perceptual Image Quality Assessment (SPIQA)
* unified model for activity recognition from video sequences, A
Includes: Resendiz, E. Resendiz, E.[Esther]

Resendiz, J.R.[Juvenal Rodriguez] Co Author Listing * Morphological contrast index based on the Weber's law

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