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Rezek, I.[Iead] Co Author Listing * Bayesian Approaches to Gaussian Mixture Modeling
* Maximum certainty data partitioning

Rezel, R.[Rohana] Co Author Listing * Using collaborative recommendations to enhance sensor web's utility as a decision making tool

Rezende Filho, A.T.[Ary T.] Co Author Listing * Estimating Water pH Using Cloud-Based Landsat Images for a New Classification of the Nhecolândia Lakes (Brazilian Pantanal)
Includes: Rezende Filho, A.T.[Ary T.] Rezende-Filho, A.T.[Ary T.]

Rezende Silva, G.[Gustavo] Co Author Listing * Definition of Management Zones Through Image Processing for Precision Agriculture

Rezende Souza, I.[Iuri] Co Author Listing * Definition of Management Zones Through Image Processing for Precision Agriculture

Rezende, D.J.[Danilo J.] Co Author Listing * PARTS: Unsupervised segmentation with slots, attention and independence maximization

Rezende, E. Co Author Listing * Image Splicing Detection Through Illumination Inconsistencies and Deep Learning

Rezende, F.P.C.[Fabio Prestes Cesar] Co Author Listing * Syntactic Pattern Recognition in Computer Vision: A Systematic Review

Rezende, F.S. Co Author Listing * Forestry Expansion During The Last Decades In The Paraiba Do Sul Basin, Brazil

Rezende, M.[Marcelo] Co Author Listing * Collect Earth: Land Use and Land Cover Assessment through Augmented Visual Interpretation

Rezende, R.[Rafael] Co Author Listing * Learning With Average Precision: Training Image Retrieval With a Listwise Loss

Rezende, R.C. Co Author Listing * Relevance feedback based on genetic programming for image retrieval

Rezende, R.S.[Rafael S.] Co Author Listing * Did It Change? Learning to Detect Point-Of-Interest Changes for Proactive Map Updates
* Kernel Square-Loss Exemplar Machines for Image Retrieval
* SCNet: Learning Semantic Correspondence
* StacMR: Scene-Text Aware Cross-Modal Retrieval

Rezende, S.O.[Solange O.] Co Author Listing * active learning approach to frequent itemset-based text clustering, An
* Improving Personalized Ranking in Recommender Systems with Topic Hierarchies and Implicit Feedback
* Interactive textual feature selection for consensus clustering
* Privileged Information for Hierarchical Document Clustering: A Metric Learning Approach
* Semantic role-based representations in text classification
* two-stage regularization framework for heterogeneous event networks, A
* Using Contextual Information from Topic Hierarchies to Improve Context-Aware Recommender Systems
Includes: Rezende, S.O.[Solange O.] Rezende, S.O.[Solange Oliveira] Rezende, S.O.
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