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Rizvandi, N.B.[Nikzad Babaii] Co Author Listing * Automatic Individual Detection and Separation of Multiple Overlapped Nematode Worms Using Skeleton Analysis
* Edge Linking Based Method to Detect and Separate Individual C. Elegans Worms in Culture
* Machine vision detection of isolated and overlapped nematode worms using skeleton analysis
Includes: Rizvandi, N.B.[Nikzad Babaii] Rizvandi, N.B.

Rizve, M.N.[Mamshad Nayeem] Co Author Listing * Exploring Complementary Strengths of Invariant and Equivariant Representations for Few-Shot Learning
* Gabriella: An Online System for Real-Time Activity Detection in Untrimmed Security Videos
* OpenLDN: Learning to Discover Novel Classes for Open-World Semi-Supervised Learning
* TCLR: Temporal contrastive learning for video representation
* Towards Realistic Semi-supervised Learning
* UNICON: Combating Label Noise Through Uniform Selection and Contrastive Learning

Rizvi, I.A. Co Author Listing * Object-Based Image Analysis of High-Resolution Satellite Images Using Modified Cloud Basis Function Neural Network and Probabilistic Relaxation Labeling Process

Rizvi, N.[Narjis] Co Author Listing * Analysis of OpenStreetMap Data Quality at Different Stages of a Participatory Mapping Process: Evidence from Slums in Africa and Asia

Rizvi, N.Z. Co Author Listing * Gain-phase mismatch correction technique for I/Q channel receiver

Rizvi, S.[Saad] Co Author Listing * Single Haze Image Restoration Under Non-Uniform Dense Scattering Media

Rizvi, S.A. Co Author Listing * Advances in Residual Vector Quantization: A Review
* Clutter Rejection Technique for FLIR Imagery Using Region-Based Principal Component Analysis, A
* efficient Euclidean distance computation for vector quantization using a truncated look-up table, An
* Entropy-constrained predictive residual vector quantization of digital images
* FERET Evaluation Methodology for Face-Recognition Algorithms, The
* FERET Verification Testing Protocol for Face Recognition Algorithms, The
* Finite-State Residual Vector Quantization Using a Tree-Structured Competitive Neural Network
* Fusion techniques for automatic target recognition
* Lossless Image Compression using Modular Differential Pulse Code Modulation
* Modular Clutter Rejection Technique for Flir Imagery Using Region-based Principal Component Analysis, A
* Modular Neural Network Vector Predictor for Predictive Image Coding, A
* modular neural network vector predictor for predictive VQ, A
* Neural network vector predictors with application to image coding
* Next-state functions for finite-state vector quantization
* Nonlinear Vector Prediction Using Feedforward Neural Networks
* Predictive residual vector quantization
* Predictive-transform residual vector quantization
* Rate-Constrained Modular Predictive Residual Vector Quantization
* Rate-Constrained Modular Predictive Residual Vector Quantization of Digital Images
* Super Predictive-Transform Residual Vector Quantization
* Verification Protocol and Statistical Performance Analysis for Face Recognition Algorithms, A
Includes: Rizvi, S.A. Rizvi, S.A.[Syed A.]
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Rizvi, S.M.A.[Syed Muhammad Ali] Co Author Listing * Human Detection and Localization in Indoor Disaster Environments Using UAVs

Rizvi, S.T.H.[Syed Tahir Hussain] Co Author Listing * Transforming spatio-temporal self-attention using action embedding for skeleton-based action recognition

Rizvic, S. Co Author Listing * Project iMARECULTURE: Advanced VR, iMmersive Serious Games and Augmented REality as Tools to Raise Awareness and Access to European Underwater CULTURal heritagE
* Towards Optimal Spectral and Spatial Documentation of Cultural Heritage. COSCH: An Interdisciplinary Action in the Cost Framework
* Virtual Museum Applications and Their Public Perception in Bosnia and Herzegovina
* Virtual Tour in the Sunken villa Con Ingresso A Protiro Within The Underwater Archaeological Park of Baiae

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