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Slaney, M.[Malcolm] Co Author Listing * Comparing Local Feature Descriptors in pLSA-Based Image Models
* Continuous visual vocabulary models for pLSA-based scene recognition
* Image retrieval on large-scale image databases
* Optimal Parameters for Locality-Sensitive Hashing
* Principles of Computerized Tomographic Imaging
* Study of Multimodal Addressee Detection in Human-Human-Computer Interaction, A
* Temporal Events in All Dimensions and Scales
* Understanding the Semantics of Media
* Video Rewrite: Driving Visual Speech with Audio
* Web-Scale Multimedia Analysis: Does Content Matter?
* Web-Scale Multimedia Processing and Applications
Includes: Slaney, M.[Malcolm] Slaney, M.
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Slanzi, D.[Debora] Co Author Listing * Neural Network Model for Lead Optimization of MMP12 Inhibitors, A

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