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Souiai, M.[Mohamed] Co Author Listing * Active Online Learning for Interactive Segmentation Using Sparse Gaussian Processes
* Convex Optimization for Scene Understanding
* Entropy Minimization for Convex Relaxation Approaches
* Performance Evaluation of Narrow Band Methods for Variational Stereo Reconstruction
* Proximity Priors for Variational Semantic Segmentation and Recognition
* Sequential Convex Programming for Computing Information-Theoretic Minimal Partitions: Nonconvex Nonsmooth Optimization
* Sequential Convex Relaxation for Mutual Information-Based Unsupervised Figure-Ground Segmentation
* Towards Illumination-Invariant 3D Reconstruction Using ToF RGB-D Cameras
* Wehrli 2.0: An Algorithm for Tidying up Art
Includes: Souiai, M.[Mohamed] Souiai, M.
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Souibgui, M.A.[Mohamed Ali] Co Author Listing * Few-shot Learning Approach for Historical Ciphered Manuscript Recognition, A

Souici Meslati, L. Co Author Listing * Codebook for Writer Characterization: A Vocabulary of Patterns or a Mere Representation Space?
* ICDAR2015 competition on Multi-script Writer Identification and Gender Classification using QUWI Database
* Multi-script Writer Identification Optimized with Retrieval Mechanism
* Text-independent writer recognition using multi-script handwritten texts
* Writer Recognition on Arabic Handwritten Documents
Includes: Souici Meslati, L. Souici-Meslati, L. Souici-Meslati, L.[Labiba]

Souici, L. Co Author Listing * Off-line handwritten Arabic character segmentation algorithm: ACSA

Souid, I. Co Author Listing * low-complexity sensing algorithm for cooperative cognitive MIMO systems, A

Souidene, W. Co Author Listing * Blind Image Separation using Sparse Representation
* New Look to Multichannel Blind Image Deconvolution, A
* Spatio-temporal action localization and detection for human action recognition in big dataset
* visual sensitivity model based stereo image watermarking scheme, A
Includes: Souidene, W. Souidene, W.[Wided]

Souilem, N. Co Author Listing * Identification of non linear system modeled in Reproducing Kernel Hilbert Space using a new criterion

Souissi, B. Co Author Listing * Improved Model-based Polarimetric Decomposition Using The Polinsar Similarity Parameter

Souissi, N. Co Author Listing * Classification of the lean implementation procedures for improving the business processes
* Data lifecycles analysis: Towards intelligent cycle
* Improvement view: Extension of seven views approach
* Smart Data Collection in Mobile Edge Computing Environment
Includes: Souissi, N. Souissi, N.[Nissrine]

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