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Swoboda, J. Co Author Listing * Multistatic Synthetic Aperture Radar Image Formation

Swoboda, P. Co Author Listing * Convex Variational Image Restoration with Histogram Priors
* Dual Ascent Framework for Lagrangean Decomposition of Combinatorial Problems, A
* Graphical Model Parameter Learning by Inverse Linear Programming
* Maximum Persistency via Iterative Relaxed Inference in Graphical Models
* Maximum persistency via iterative relaxed inference with graphical models
* Message Passing Algorithm for the Minimum Cost Multicut Problem, A
* Multicuts and Perturb and MAP for Probabilistic Graph Clustering
* Novel Convex Relaxation for Non-binary Discrete Tomography, A
* Partial Optimality by Pruning for MAP-Inference with General Graphical Models
* Partial Optimality via Iterative Pruning for the Potts Model
* Probabilistic Correlation Clustering and Image Partitioning Using Perturbed Multicuts
* Study of Lagrangean Decompositions and Dual Ascent Solvers for Graph Matching, A
Includes: Swoboda, P. Swoboda, P.[Paul]
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