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Tajbakhsh, N.[Nima] Co Author Listing * Automated Detection of Major Thoracic Structures with a Novel Online Learning Method
* Automated Polyp Detection in Colonoscopy Videos Using Shape and Context Information
* Automating Carotid Intima-Media Thickness Video Interpretation with Convolutional Neural Networks
* Comparing two classes of end-to-end machine-learning models in lung nodule detection and classification: MTANNs vs. CNNs
* Convolutional Neural Networks for Medical Image Analysis: Full Training or Fine Tuning?
* Guest Editorial Annotation-Efficient Deep Learning: The Holy Grail of Medical Imaging
* Learning Fixed Points in Generative Adversarial Networks: From Image-to-Image Translation to Disease Detection and Localization
* Noisy Iris Verification: A Modified Version of Local Intensity Variation Method
* novel online boosting algorithm for automatic anatomy detection, A
* UNet++: Redesigning Skip Connections to Exploit Multiscale Features in Image Segmentation
Includes: Tajbakhsh, N.[Nima] Tajbakhsh, N.
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Tajbakhsh, S. Co Author Listing * Segmenting and Tracking Fluorescent Cells in Dynamic 3-D Microscopy With Coupled Active Surfaces

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