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Tcheang, L.[Lili] Co Author Listing * saliency map method with cortex-like mechanisms and sparse representation, A

Tchendjou, G.T. Co Author Listing * Fuzzy logic modeling for objective image quality assessment

Tcheou, M.P. Co Author Listing * Audio Soft Declipping Based on Constrained Weighted Least Squares
* Optimum Rate-Distortion Dictionary Selection for Compression of Atomic Decompositions of Electric Disturbance Signals

Tcherniavski, L.[Leonid] Co Author Listing * Contour Reconstruction for Multiple 2D Regions Based on Adaptive Boundary Samples
* How to define a locally adaptive sampling criterion for topologically correct reconstruction of multiple regions
* Provably correct reconstruction of surfaces from sparse noisy samples
* Topologically Correct 3D Surface Reconstruction and Segmentation from Noisy Samples
* Topologically correct surface reconstruction using alpha shapes and relations to ball-pivoting

Tchernov, D.[Dan] Co Author Listing * Automated Analysis of Marine Video with Limited Data
* Reduction of Species Identification Errors in Surveys of Marine Wildlife Abundance Utilising Unoccupied Aerial Vehicles (UAVs)
* Repeatable Semantic Reef-Mapping through Photogrammetry and Label-Augmentation

Tchetchik, A.[Anat] Co Author Listing * Economic Assessment of Fire Damage to Urban Forest in the Wildland-Urban Interface Using Planet Satellites Constellation Images

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