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Thooft, G.W. Co Author Listing * Tomographic Image Reconstruction from Optical Projections in Light Diffusing Media

Thool, R.C.[Ravindra C.] Co Author Listing * Objects tracking in video: A object-oriented approach using Unified Modeling Language

Thoonen, G.[Guy] Co Author Listing * Habitat Mapping and Quality Assessment of NATURA 2000 Heathland Using Airborne Imaging Spectroscopy
* Object-Based Approach to Quantity and Quality Assessment of Heathland Habitats in the Framework of Natura 2000 Using Hyperspectral Airborne AHS Images, An
* Using Patch Metrics as Validation for Contextual Classification of Heathland Vegetation

Thoonsaengngam, P.[Peeranat] Co Author Listing * Efficient Iris Recognition Using Adaptive Quotient Thresholding

Thoorens, F.X.[Francois Xavier] Co Author Listing * SUMO Ship Detector Algorithm for Satellite Radar Images, The
Includes: Thoorens, F.X.[Francois Xavier] Thoorens, F.X.[François-Xavier]

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