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Torcasio, R.C.[Rosa Claudia] Co Author Listing * Impact of Lightning Data Assimilation on the Short-Term Precipitation Forecast over the Central Mediterranean Sea
* Precipitation Structure of the Mediterranean Tropical-Like Cyclone Numa: Analysis of GPM Observations and Numerical Weather Prediction Model Simulations, The

Torcida, S.[Sebastian] Co Author Listing * Median Filtering: A New Insight
Includes: Torcida, S.[Sebastian] Torcida, S.[Sebastián]

Torcinovich, A.[Alessandro] Co Author Listing * Computer Vision System for Monitoring Ice-Cream Freezers, A
* Group Loss for Deep Metric Learning, The
* On the Interplay Between Strong Regularity and Graph Densification
* Transductive Label Augmentation for Improved Deep Network Learning
Includes: Torcinovich, A.[Alessandro] Torcinovich, A.

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