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Tzadok, A.[Asaf] Co Author Listing * alpha-Shape Based Classification with Applications to Optical Character Recognition
* DFlow and DField: New features for capturing object and image relationships
* Fine-Grained Recognition of Thousands of Object Categories with Single-Example Training
* Hybrid Approach to Adaptive OCR for Historical Books
* New Physically Motivated Warping Model for Form Drop-Out, A
* Page Curling Correction for Scanned Books Using Local Distortion Information
* Word-Based Adaptive OCR for Historical Books
Includes: Tzadok, A.[Asaf] Tzadok, A.
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Tzadok, T.[Tamir] Co Author Listing * Fog Measurements with IR Whole Sky Imager and Doppler Lidar, Combined with In Situ Instruments
* Profiling the Planetary Boundary Layer Wind with a StreamLine XR Doppler LiDAR: Comparison to In-Situ Observations and WRF Model Simulations

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