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Vautier, F.[Franck] Co Author Listing * Highest Gradient Model: A New Method for Analytical Assessment of the Efficiency of LiDAR-Derived Visualization Techniques for Landform Detection and Mapping, The

Vautier, U. Co Author Listing * Platooning Control for Heterogeneous Sailboats Based on Constant Time Headway

Vautrot, P.[Philippe] Co Author Listing * Adaptive-neighborhood best mean rank vector filter for impulsive noise removal
* Clustering Method Based on the Estimation of the Probability Density-Function and on the Skeleton by Influence Zones: Application to Image-Processing, A
* Comparative Study of Different Spatial/ Spatial-Frequency Methods (Gabor Filters, Wavelets, Wavelets Packets) for Texture Segmentation/Classification
* Estimation of the number of clusters and influence zones
* Hierarchical Watersheds with Inter-pixel Boundaries
Includes: Vautrot, P.[Philippe] Vautrot, P.

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