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Yigit, A.[Ahmet] Co Author Listing * Individual and group tracking with the evaluation of social interactions
* Particle filter based Conjoint Individual-Group Tracker (CIGT)

Yigit, C.B.[Cihat Bora] Co Author Listing * hybrid image dataset toward bridging the gap between real and simulation environments for robotics, A

Yigit, C.O.[Cemal O.] Co Author Listing * Hybrid Wavelet and Principal Component Analyses Approach for Extracting Dynamic Motion Characteristics from Displacement Series Derived from Multipath-Affected High-Rate GNSS Observations

Yigitcanlar, T.[Tan] Co Author Listing * Local Drivers of Anthropogenic Climate Change: Quantifying the Impact through a Remote Sensing Approach in Brisbane

Yigitler, H. Co Author Listing * On Log-Normality of RSSI in Narrowband Receivers Under Static Conditions

Yigitsoy, M.[Mehmet] Co Author Listing * Deformable Registration of Multi-modal Microscopic Images Using a Pyramidal Interactive Registration-Learning Methodology
* Structure Propagation for Image Registration
Includes: Yigitsoy, M.[Mehmet] Yigitsoy, M.

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