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Yow, K.C.[Kin Choong] Co Author Listing * Combining Invariant and Corner-Like Features to Optimize Image Matching
* Detection of human faces under scale, orientation and viewpoint variations
* Enhancing human face detection using motion and active contours
* Feature-Based Human Face Detection
* Finding initial estimates of human face location
* Image Recognition for Mobile Applications
* Image-Based Information Guide on Mobile Devices
* Joint representation learning of appearance and motion for abnormal event detection
* Locating Corresponding Regions in Urban Environments
* probabilistic framework for perceptual grouping of features in human face detection, A
* Reliable matching of building facades using geometric measurements and an iterative reliability verification model
* Robust matching of building facades under large viewpoint changes
* Scale and Orientation Invariance in Human Face Detection
* Survey on blind image forgery detection
* Towards an automatic human face localisation system
* Training approach using the shallow model and hard triplet mining for person re-identification
Includes: Yow, K.C.[Kin Choong] Yow, K.C.[Kin-Choong] Yow, K.C.
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