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Zabri, Z.[Zahidan] Co Author Listing * Analyzing and Detecting Network Intrusion Behavior Using Packet Capture

Zabrodsky, H. Co Author Listing * Attentive Transmission
* Completion of Occluded Shapes Using Symmetry
* Hierarchical Symmetry
* How To Tell Right From Left
* measure of symmetry based on shape similarity, A
* Symmetry as a Continuous Feature
* Symmetry of Fuzzy Data
* Using Bilateral Symmetry to Improve 3D Reconstruction from Image Sequences
* Utilizing Symmetry in the Reconstruction of Three-Dimensional Shape from Noisy Images
Includes: Zabrodsky, H. Zabrodsky, H.[Hagit]
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Zabrovskiy, A. Co Author Listing * Practical Evaluation of Video Codecs for Large-Scale HTTP Adaptive Streaming Services, A

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