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Zallat, J.[Jihad] Co Author Listing * Joint filtering estimation of Stokes vector images based on a nonlocal means approach
* Joint recovery and segmentation of polarimetric images using a compound MRF and mixture modeling
* Recovery of polarimetric Stokes images by spatial mixture models
* Using polarimetric imaging for material classification
Includes: Zallat, J.[Jihad] Zallat, J.

Zaller, J.G.[Johann G.] Co Author Listing * Comparing Road-Kill Datasets from Hunters and Citizen Scientists in a Landscape Context

Zalluhoglu, C.[Cemil] Co Author Listing * Collective Sports: A multi-task dataset for collective activity recognition
* Counting People in Crowded Scenes via Detection and Regression Fusion
* Facial descriptors for human interaction recognition in still images
* Multi-stream pose convolutional neural networks for human interaction recognition in images
* Region based multi-stream convolutional neural networks for collective activity recognition

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