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Zamzmi, G. Co Author Listing * approach for automated multimodal analysis of infants' pain, An
* Automated Pain Assessment in Neonates
* Comprehensive and Context-Sensitive Neonatal Pain Assessment Using Computer Vision, A
* First Investigation into the Use of Deep Learning for Continuous Assessment of Neonatal Postoperative Pain
* Infants' Pain Recognition Based on Facial Expression: Dynamic Hybrid Descriptions
* Multimodal-Based Stream Integrated Neural Networks for Pain Assessment
Includes: Zamzmi, G. Zamzmi, G.[Ghada]

Zamzuri, H.[Hairi] Co Author Listing * Artificial neural network for modelling of the correlation between lateral acceleration and head movement in a motion sickness study
* Vehicle collision avoidance motion planning strategy using artificial potential field with adaptive multi-speed scheduler

Zamzuri, N.A.A. Co Author Listing * Potential Fish Ground Breeding Area Based On Localized Criteria For Sustainable Food Security

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