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Zerbe, N.[Norman] Co Author Listing * Point-based registration of high-resolution histological slices for navigation purposes in virtual microscopy

Zerbe, S.[Stefan] Co Author Listing * Monitoring of the Vegetation Composition in Rewetted Peatland with Iterative Decision Tree Classification of Satellite Imagery

Zerbi, A. Co Author Listing * From models to reality, And Return. Some Reflections On The Interaction Between Survey And Interpretative Methods for Built Heritage Conservation
* From Survey to Model, Return. the Case of the Parma Baptistery
* History, Geometry, Structure: Interdisciplinary Analysis of A Historical Bridge
* Integrated Survey For Architectural Restoration: A Methodological Comparison Of Two Case Studies
* Photogrammetric Techniques For Promotion Of Archaeological Heritage: The Archaeological Museum Of Parma (italy)

Zerbi, C.M. Co Author Listing * Geo-referenced XIX Century Cartography: An Analysis Tool and A Project Reference for The Preservation and Management of Built And Landscape Heritage, The
* Management Plans and Web-gis Software Applications As Active And Dynamic Tools to Conserve and Valorize Historic Public Gardens

Zerbib, P. Co Author Listing * Deformable group-wise registration using a physiological model: Application to diffusion-weighted MRI
* Optimal Estimation of Diffusion in DW-MRI by High-Order MRF-Based Joint Deformable Registration and Diffusion Modeling

Zerbinatti, M. Co Author Listing * Database for the Architectural Heritage Recovery Between Italy and Switzerland, A

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