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Niehbuhr, K.E. Standard Author Listing
     with: Chow, C.K.: X-Ray Image Subtraction by Digital Means
     with: Hilal, S.K.: X-Ray Image Subtraction by Digital Means

Niehsen, W. Standard Author Listing
     with: Brunig, M.: Covariance Analysis of Motion-Compensated Frame Differences
     with: Brunig, M.: Fast full-search block matching
     with: Brunig, M.: Least-asymmetric signal extension for two-band paraunitary...
     with: Janssen, H.: Vehicle surround sensing based on information fusion of m...
     with: Simon, S.F.: Block motion estimation using orthogonal projection
     with: Simon, S.F.: On entropy coded and entropy constrained lattice vector q...

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