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3DVP10 * *3D Video Processing
* 3D feature extraction from uncalibrated video clips
* From silhouettes to 3D points to mesh: towards free viewpoint video
* joint multi-view plus depth image coding scheme based on 3D-warping, A
* Multiple view human articulated tracking using charting and particle swarm optimisation
* Nonrigid stereo reconstruction using linear programming
* novel blind watermarking scheme for depth-image-based rendering 3D images, A
* Novel view synthesis for stereoscopic cinema: detecting and removing artifacts
* OTESC: online transformation estimation between stereo cameras
* Self-occlusion handling for human body motion tracking from 3D ToF image sequence
* Space-time visual effects as a post-production process
* Stereo in post-production
* Wide-baseline multi-view video segmentation for 3D reconstruction
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