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Fashion18 * *Computer Vision for Fashion, Art and Design
* Brand > Logo: Visual Analysis of Fashion Brands
* Convolutional Photomosaic Generation via Multi-scale Perceptual Losses
* CRAFT: Complementary Recommendation by Adversarial Feature Transform
* Deep Fashion Analysis with Feature Map Upsampling and Landmark-Driven Attention
* Deep Learning for Automated Tagging of Fashion Images
* DesIGN: Design Inspiration from Generative Networks
* FashionSearchNet: Fashion Search with Attribute Manipulation
* Full-Body High-Resolution Anime Generation with Progressive Structure-Conditional Generative Adversarial Networks
* Tiered Deep Similarity Search for Fashion
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Fashion19 * *Computer Vision for Fashion, Art and Design
* Artist-Guided Semiautomatic Animation Colorization
* Class-Based Styling: Real-Time Localized Style Transfer with Semantic Segmentation
* Clothing Recognition in the Wild using the Amazon Catalog
* Deep Garment Image Matting for a Virtual Try-on System
* Deep Metric Learning for Cross-Domain Fashion Instance Retrieval
* DeepMark: One-Shot Clothing Detection
* Dropout Induced Noise for Co-Creative GAN Systems
* Fashion Image Retrieval with Capsule Networks
* Fourier-CPPNs for Image Synthesis
* Generating High-Resolution Fashion Model Images Wearing Custom Outfits
* Generative Modelling of Semantic Segmentation Data in the Fashion Domain
* Global-Local Embedding Module for Fashion Landmark Detection, A
* iMaterialist Fashion Attribute Dataset, The
* Improving Fashion Landmark Detection by Dual Attention Feature Enhancement
* LA-VITON: A Network for Looking-Attractive Virtual Try-On
* Leveraging Class Hierarchy in Fashion Classification
* Pose Guided Attention for Multi-Label Fashion Image Classification
* Powering Virtual Try-On via Auxiliary Human Segmentation Learning
* Regularized Adversarial Training for Single-Shot Virtual Try-On
* Semantic Segmentation of Fashion Images Using Feature Pyramid Networks
* Semantically Consistent Hierarchical Text to Fashion Image Synthesis with an Enhanced-Attentional Generative Adversarial Network
* Translating Visual Art Into Music
* Unsupervised Image-to-Video Clothing Transfer
* UVTON: UV Mapping to Consider the 3D Structure of a Human in Image-Based Virtual Try-On Network
* Walking Through Shanshui: Generating Chinese Shanshui Paintings via Real-Time Tracking of Human Position
* Weakly Supervised Adaptive Triplet Loss for Deep Metric Learning, A
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