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MVAB15 * *Machine Vision of Animals and their Behaviour Workshop
* Affinity Matting for Pixel-accurate Fin Shape Recovery from Great White Shark Imagery
* Computer Vision Approach to Classification of Birds in Flight from Video Sequences, A
* Convolutional Neural Networks for Counting Fish in Fisheries Surveillance Video
* Croatian Fish Dataset: Fine-grained classification of fish species in their natural habitat
* Detecting and Tracking Bottoms and Faces of the Crested Black Macaque in the Wild
* Detecting Gallbladders in Chicken Livers using Spectral Imaging Anders
* Invariant Image-Based Species Classification of Butterflies and Reef Fish
* Microfluidic environment and tracking analysis for the observation of Artemia Franciscana
* Non-intrusive automated measurement of dairy cow body condition using 3D video
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