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=> X-Align: Cross-Modal Cross-View Alignment for Bird's-Eye-View Segmentation
=> X-Avatar: Expressive Human Avatars
=> X-Band Airborne Differential Interferometry: Results of the OrbiSAR Campaign Over the Perugia Area
=> X-Band Interferometric SAR Observations of Baltic Fast Ice
=> X-Band Radar Attenuation Correction Method Based on LightGBM Algorithm
=> X-Band Radar for Cetacean Detection (Focus on Tursiops truncatus) and Preliminary Analysis of Their Behavior
=> X-Band Sea Surface Coherence Time Inferred From Bistatic SAR Interferometry
=> X-DETR: A Versatile Architecture for Instance-wise Vision-Language Tasks
=> X-GACMN: An X-Shaped Generative Adversarial Cross-Modal Network with Hypersphere Embedding
=> X-GAN: Improving Generative Adversarial Networks with ConveX Combinations
=> X-Invariant Contrastive Augmentation and Representation Learning for Semi-Supervised Skeleton-Based Action Recognition
=> X-Learner: Learning Cross Sources and Tasks for Universal Visual Representation
=> X-Linear Attention Networks for Image Captioning
=> X-LineNet: Detecting Aircraft in Remote Sensing Images by a Pair of Intersecting Line Segments
=> X-MAN: Explaining multiple sources of anomalies in video
=> X-maps: Direct Depth Lookup for Event-based Structured Light Systems
=> X-Metric: An N-Dimensional Information-Theoretic Framework for Groupwise Registration and Deep Combined Computing
=> X-MIR: EXplainable Medical Image Retrieval
=> X-ModalNet: A semi-supervised deep cross-modal network for classification of remote sensing data
=> X-NeRF: Explicit Neural Radiance Field for Multi-Scene 360 Insufficient RGB-D Views
=> X-Net-Based Radar Data Assimilation Study over the Seoul Metropolitan Area
=> X-NET For Single Image Raindrop Removal
=> X-net with Different Loss Functions for Cell Image Segmentation
=> X-Pool: Cross-Modal Language-Video Attention for Text-Video Retrieval
=> X-Pruner: eXplainable Pruning for Vision Transformers
=> X-ray-based method for the determination of the contrast agent propagation in 3-D vessel structures, An
=> X-ray-based method for the determination of the contrast agent propagation in 3-D vessel structures, An
=> X-Ray Analysis of Lake Sedimentary Patterns Using Nonlinear Regularization Filter
=> X-Ray and 3D Data Fusion for 3D Reconstruction of Closed Receptacle Contents
=> X-ray and ultrasound data fusion
=> X-Ray Carpal-Bone Image Feature Analysis In Skeletal Age Estimation Application Using Region Feature Based Level Set Method
=> X-ray Categorization and Retrieval on the Organ and Pathology Level, Using Patch-Based Visual Words
=> X-ray collimator shutter detection by active-rods
=> X-Ray Computed Tomography in Biomedical Engineering
=> X-ray computed tomography methods for in vivo evaluation of local drug release systems
=> X-Ray Computed Tomography Through Scatter
=> X-ray crystallographic imaging
=> X-ray CT Metal Artifact Reduction Using Wavelet Domain L_0 Sparse Regularization
=> X-ray CT metal artifact reduction using wavelets: An application for imaging total hip prostheses
=> X-Ray Dark-Field and Phase Retrieval Without Optics, via the Fokker-Planck Equation
=> X-Ray Enhancement Based on Component Attenuation, Contrast Adjustment, and Image Fusion
=> X-Ray Fluorescence Computed Tomography Induced by Photon, Electron, and Proton Beams
=> X-Ray fluorescence image super-resolution using dictionary learning
=> X-ray image analysis for automated knee osteoarthritis detection
=> X-ray image analysis for cultural heritage investigations
=> X-Ray Image Classification and Retrieval Using Ensemble Combination of Visual Descriptors
=> X-ray image processing using fuzzy technology
=> X-ray image segmentation using wavelet method
=> X-ray image separation via coupled dictionary learning
=> X-Ray Imaging Delivers a Better Cut
=> X-Ray Luminescence Computed Tomography via Selective Excitation: A Feasibility Study
=> X-Ray medical image super-resolution via self-organization neural networks and geometric directional gradient
=> X-Ray PoseNet: 6 DoF Pose Estimation for Mobile X-Ray Devices
=> X-Ray Real Time System for Timber Automatic Grading, An
=> X-Ray Scatter Estimation Using Deep Splines
=> X-Ray Scattering Image Classification Using Deep Learning
=> X-Ray Testing by Computer Vision
=> X-Ray to DRR Images Translation for Efficient Multiple Objects Similarity Measures in Deformable Model 3D/2D Registration
=> X-ray tomography of extended objects: a comparison of data acquisition approaches
=> X-ray Volume Rendering by Hierarchical Wavelet Splatting
=> X-rays image analysis for defects detection and characterization in metallic samples
=> X-Section: Cross-Section Prediction for Enhanced RGB-D Fusion
=> X-Space Formulation of the Magnetic Particle Imaging Process: 1-D Signal, Resolution, Bandwidth, SNR, SAR, and Magnetostimulation, The
=> X-SVM: An Extension of C-SVM Algorithm for Classification of High-Resolution Satellite Imagery
=> X-T slice based method for action recognition, An
=> X-Tag: A Fiducial Tag for Flexible and Accurate Bundle Adjustment
=> X-Trans2Cap: Cross-Modal Knowledge Transfer using Transformer for 3D Dense Captioning
=> X-View: Non-Egocentric Multi-View 3D Object Detector
=> X-World: Accessibility, Vision, and Autonomy Meet
=> X-Y separable pyramid steerable scalable kernels
=> X Vision: A Portable Substrate for Real-Time Vision Applications
=> X Vision: Combining Image Warping and Geometric Constraints for Fast Visual Tracking
=> X(2) Test for Feature Detection
=> X*: Anytime Multi-Agent Path Finding for Sparse Domains using Window-Based Iterative Repairs
=> X2CT-GAN: Reconstructing CT From Biplanar X-Rays With Generative Adversarial Networks
=> X2Face: A Network for Controlling Face Generation Using Images, Audio, and Pose Codes
=> X3D: Expanding Architectures for Efficient Video Recognition
=> X3dom as Carrier of the Virtual Heritage
=> X3KD: Knowledge Distillation Across Modalities, Tasks and Stages for Multi-Camera 3D Object Detection
=> X3SEG: Model-Agnostic Explanations for the Semantic Segmentation of 3D Point Clouds With Prototypes and Criticism
=> XAI Handbook: Towards a Unified Framework for Explainable AI
=> XANet: An Efficient Remote Sensing Image Segmentation Model Using Element-Wise Attention Enhancement and Multi-Scale Attention Fusion
=> Xanthoceras sorbifolium crack segmentation method based on an improved level set, A
=> Xavier Electromyographic Wheelchair Control and Virtual Training
=> XBound-Former: Toward Cross-Scale Boundary Modeling in Transformers
=> XCapsNet: A deep neural network for automated detection of diabetic retinopathy
=> XCAT - Lightweight Quantized Single Image Super-resolution Using Heterogeneous Group Convolutions and Cross Concatenation
=> Xcavator.Net
=> XCDF: A Canonical and Structured Document Format
=> Xception: Deep Learning with Depthwise Separable Convolutions
=> XCO2 and XCH4 Reconstruction Using GOSAT Satellite Data Based on EOF-Algorithm
=> XDNet: A Few-Shot Meta-Learning Approach for Cross-Domain Visual Inspection
=> XDoppler: Cross-Correlation of Orthogonal Apertures for 3D Blood Flow Imaging
=> Xed: a new tool for extracting hidden structures from electronic documents
=> Xenics
=> Xf-Rovim. A Field Robot to Detect Olive Trees Infected by Xylella Fastidiosa Using Proximal Sensing
=> XGBoost-Based Lane Change Prediction on Time Series Data Using Feature Engineering for Autopilot Vehicles, A
=> XGBoost to Interpret the Opioid Patients' State Based on Cognitive and Physiological Measures
=> Xi-Vector Embedding for Speaker Recognition
=> Xilinx FPGA Implementation of an Image Classifier for Object Detection Applications
=> Xilinx System Generator Based HW Components for Rapid Prototyping of Computer Vision SW/HW Systems
=> XingGAN for Person Image Generation
=> Xiris
=> XJU1: A Chinese Ethnic Minorities Face Database
=> XKin: an open source framework for hand pose and gesture recognition using kinect
=> XM2VTSDB: The Extended M2VTS Database
=> XMAS: An Efficient Mobile Adaptive Streaming Scheme Based on Traffic Shaping
=> XMem: Long-Term Video Object Segmentation with an Atkinson-Shiffrin Memory Model
=> xMISC: Improved Sparse Linear Array via Maximum Inter-Element Spacing Concept
=> XML based framework for cognitive vision architectures, An
=> XML Data Representation in Document Image Analysis
=> XML Documents Within a Legal Domain: Standards and Tools for the Italian Legislative Environment
=> XMP-Font: Self-Supervised Cross-Modality Pre-training for Few-Shot Font Generation
=> xMUDA: Cross-Modal Unsupervised Domain Adaptation for 3D Semantic Segmentation
=> XNN Graph
=> XNOR-Net: ImageNet Classification Using Binary Convolutional Neural Networks
=> XNORCONV: CNNs accelerator implemented on FPGA using a hybrid CNNs structure and an inter-layer pipeline method
=> XOR-Based Visual Cryptographic Schemes With Monotonously Increasing and Flawless Reconstruction Properties
=> XOR-based visual cryptography scheme with essential shadows
=> XPEN: an XML based format for distributed online handwriting recognition
=> XProtoNet: Diagnosis in Chest Radiography with Global and Local Explanations
=> XQM: Interactive Learning on Mobile Phones
=> XQM: Search-Oriented vs. Classifier-Oriented Relevance Feedback on Mobile Phones
=> xR-Based Systems for Mindfulness Based Training in Clinical Settings
=> xR-EgoPose: Egocentric 3D Human Pose From an HMD Camera
=> XRAI: Better Attributions Through Regions
=> xSDL: stroboscopic differential lighting eye tracker with extended temporal support
=> xSDL: stroboscopic differential lighting eye tracker with extended temporal support
=> Xsens
=> XSleepNet: Multi-View Sequential Model for Automatic Sleep Staging
=> XTemplate 4.0: Providing Adaptive Layouts and Nested Templates for Hypermedia Documents
=> xUnit: Learning a Spatial Activation Function for Efficient Image Restoration
=> XuvTools: eXtend yoUr View Toolkit
=> XVFI: eXtreme Video Frame Interpolation
=> XY-Separable Scale-Space Filtering by Polynomial Representations and Its Applications
=> XYDeblur: Divide and Conquer for Single Image Deblurring
=> XYLayoutLM: Towards Layout-Aware Multimodal Networks For Visually-Rich Document Understanding
=> xYOLO: A Model For Real-Time Object Detection In Humanoid Soccer On Low-End Hardware

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