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8005 * C1 Triangular Interpolation Patch for Computer-Aided Geometric Design, A
* Computer Vision Systems for Industrial Inspection and Assembly
* Distorted Shape Recognition Using Attributed Grammars and Error-Correcting Techniques
* Finding the Extrema of a Region
* Image Analysis of Human Motion
* Industrial Computer Vision in Japan
* Industry Begins to Use Visual Pattern Recognition
* Machine Perception for Industrial Applications
* On Dimensionality, Sample Size, Classification Error, and Complexity of Classification Algorithms in Pattern Recognition
* On the Areas and Boundaries of Quantized Objects
* Picture signal coding apparatus
* Problem Solving with Diagrammatic Representations
* Some Experiments on LANDSAT Pixel Classification Using Relaxation Operators
* Theoretical Comparison of Texture Algorithms, A
* Theory of the Origami World, A
* Type Classification of Fingerprints
* Visual Inspection Automation
* Visual Inspection System Design
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