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Ryall, T.G. * Statistical Pattern Matching

Ryan, J. * Scene Analysis And Geometric Homology

Ryan, T.W. * Wavelet-Domain Texture Modeling For Image Compression

Rybak, I. * Modeling Of A Neural Network System For Active Visual Perception And Recognition
* Modeling Of Some Spatio-Temporal Aspects Of Visual Information Processing In The Retinal Neural Network

Rybak, L.M. * On An Efficient General Line-Clipping Algorithm

Rye, A.J. * Hough Transform Applied To Sar Images For Thin Line Detection, The
* Musip Multi-Sensor Image Processing System
* Spatial Database Manager For A Multi-Source Image Understanding System

Rygot, M. * Multiprocessor 3d Vision System For Pick And Place

Rytter, W. * Constant-Time Optimum Parallel Algorithm For Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching, A
* On Parallel Recognition Of Two Classes Of 2-D Array Patterns
* On The Complexity Of The Recognition Of Parallel 2d-Image Languages
* On Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching By Optimal Parallel Algorithms
* Parallel Algorithms For 2d-Image Recognition
* Two-Dimensional Pattern Matching By Sampling
* Usefulness Of The Karp-Miller-Rosenberg Algorithm In Parallel Computations On Strings And Arrays
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Ryu, K.W. * Load Balancing And Routing On The Hypercube And Related Networks

Ryu, S.H. * Shape Reconstruction Using Estimated Surface Reflectance Properties
* Shape Recovery Of Hybrid Reflectance Surface Using Neural Network

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