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FUZZY SETS & SYSTEMS(17) * Correlation Between Two Fuzzy Membership Functions

FUZZY SETS & SYSTEMS(23) * On A Consistency Measure For Object Labeling Problems
* On The Perimeter And Area Of Fuzzy Sets

FUZZY SETS & SYSTEMS(24) * Fuzzy Path And Fuzzy Connectedness

FUZZY SETS SYSTEMS(12) * On Fuzzy Metric Spaces

FUZZY SETS SYSTEMS(13) * Diameter Of A Fuzzy Set, The

FUZZY SETS SYSTEMS(14) * Fuzzy Path And Fuzzy Connectedness

FUZZY SETS SYSTEMS(25) * Approach To A Generalised Technique For Image Contrast Enhancement Using The Concept Of Fuzzy Set, An

FUZZY SETS SYSTEMS(27) * On A Fuzzy-Theory-Based Computer-Aided Particle Shape Description

FUZZY SETS SYSTEMS(36) * Information Measure For A Color Space, An

FUZZY SETS SYSTEMS(37) * Note On Fuzzy Starshaped Fuzzy Sets, A

FUZZY SETS SYSTEMS(54) * Fuzzy Plane Projective Geometry

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