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SFCS(84) * Average-Case Analysis Of Some On-Line Algorithms For Bin-Packing, The
* Comparative Study Of X-Tree, Pyramid, And Related Machines, A
* Designing Systolic Algorithms Using Sequential Machines
* Dynamic Segment Intersection Search With Applications
* Embedding Planar Graphs In Seven Pages
* Fast Approximation Algorithm For Minimum Spanning Trees In K-Dimensional Space, A
* Polymorphic Arrays: A Novel Vlsi Layout For Systolic Computers
* Polynomial Solution For Potato-Peeling And Other Polygon Inclusion And Enclosure Problems, A
* River Routing Every Which Way, But Loose
* Shortest Paths In Euclidean Graphs
* Space Searching For Intersecting Objects
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SFCS(85) * Complexity Of Recognizing Polyhedral Scenes, The
* Design And Analysis Of Dynamic Huffman Coding
* Dynamic Monotone Priorities On Planar Sets
* Efficient String Matching In The Presence Of Errors
* Motion Planning In The Presence Of Moving Obstacles
* Multi-Layer Grid Embeddings
* On Minima Of Functions, Intersection Patterns Of Curves, And Davenport-Schinzel Sequences
* Parallel Computational Geometry
* Slimming Down Search Structures: A Functional Approach To Algorithm Design
* Solving Some Graph Problems With Optimal Or Near-Optimal Speedup On Mesh-Of Trees Networks
* Solving Tree Problems On A Mesh-Connected Processor Array
* Visibility-Polygon Search And Euclidean Shortest Paths
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SFCS(86) * Algorithm For Constructing The Aspect Graph, An
* Algorithmic Approach To The Automated Design Of Parts Orienters, An
* Distance Bound For Sorting On Mesh-Connected Processor Arrays Is Tight, The
* Ffd Bin Packing For Item Sizes With Distributions In [0, 1/2]
* Finite-Resolution Computational Geometry
* Geometric Applications Of Davenport-Schinzel Sequences
* Lower Bounds On The Complexity Of Multidimensional Searching
* Meshes With Multiple Buses
* On The Power Of One-Way Communication
* Optimal Algorithm For The All-Nearest-Neighbors Problem, An
* Planar Realizations Of Nonlinear Davenport-Schinzel Sequences By Segments
* Proving By Example And Gap Theorems
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