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STOC(84) * Algorithm For Constructing Regions With Rectangles: Independence And Minimum Generating Sets For Collections Of Intervals, An
* Area-Maximum Edge Length Tradeoff For Vlsi Layout, An
* Channel Routing In Vlsi
* Digital Disks And A Digital Compactness Measure
* Efficient Fault Tolerant Routings In Networks
* Fast Expected-Time And Approximation Algorithms For Geometric Minimum Spanning Trees
* Finding Small Simple Cycle Separators For 2-Connected Planar Graphs
* Intersecting Is Easier Than Sorting
* Minimum Spanning Ellipsoids
* New Look At Fault Tolerant Network Routing, A
* On K-Hulls And Related Problems
* On Shortest Paths In Polyhedral Spaces
* On The Pagenumber Of Planar Graphs
* Optimal Parallel Algorithms For String Matching
* Probabilistic Analysis Of Multidimensional Bin Packing Problems, A
* Scaling And Related Techniques For Geometry Problems
* Some Unexpected Expected Behavior Results For Bin Packing
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STOC(85) * Algorithms For Routing And Testing Routability Of Planar Vlsi Layouts
* Distributed Firing Squad Problem, The
* Finding The Median Requires 2n Comparisons
* General Approach To D-Dimensional Geometric Queries, A
* Probabilistic Algorithm For The Post Office Problem, A
* Provably Good Routing In Graphs: Regular Arrays
* Simple Three-Dimensional Real-Time Reliable Cellular Array, A
* Space-Time Tradeoffs For Orthogonal Range Queries
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STOC(87) * Classifying Learnable Geometric Concepts With The Vapnik-Chervonenkis Dimension
* Computing The Volume Is Difficult
* Constructing Higher Dimensional Convex Hulls At Logarithmic Cost Per Face
* Four Pages Are Necessary And Sufficient For Planar Graphs
* Further Applications Of Random Sampling To Computational Geometry
* Introducing Efficient Parallelism Into Approximate String Matching And A New Serial Algorithm
* Linear-Time Algorithm For Triangulating Simple Polygons, A
* Optimal Simulations Between Mesh-Connected Arrays Of Processors
* Optimal Sorting Algorithm For Mesh Connected Computers, An
* Probing Convex Polytopes
* Rotation Distance, Triangulations, And Hyperbolic Geometry
* Tight Bounds For Minimax Grid Matching, With Applications To The Average Case Analysis Of Algorithms
* Topologically Sweeping An Arrangment
* Two Probabilistic Results On Rectilinear Steiner Trees
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