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Eason, D. * 2015: Towards Fast 3D Reconstruction Using Silhouettes and Sparse Motion

Eason, D.T.[Duncan T.] * 2014: Compressed hyperspectral image recovery via total variation regularization assuming linear mixing
* 2015: Total Variation Regularization via Continuation to Recover Compressed Hyperspectral Images

Eason, R.O. * 1989: Object Recognition and Pose Determination in Multi Sensor Robotic Systems
* 1990: Developing Robotic Systems with Multiple Sensors
* 1991: Autonomous Robotic Inspection and Manipulation Using Multisensor Feedback
* 1992: Camera Calibration Using 4 Point-Targets, A
* 1992: neural network classifier for LANDSAT image data, A
* 1999: New Algorithm for N-Dimensional Hilbert Scanning, A
* 2002: High capacity and secure digital steganography to palette-based images
* 2002: Luminance quasi-preserving color quantization for digital steganography to palette-based images
Includes: Eason, R.O. Eason, R.O.[Richard O.]
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