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Ebadi, H. * 2008: Application of Neural Networks, Image Processing and CAD-Based Environments Facilities in Automatic Road Extraction and Vectorization from High Resolution Satellite Images
* 2008: Automatic Building Extraction from High Resolution Satellite Images Using Active Contour Mode
* 2008: Automatic Road Extraction from High Resolution Satellite Images Using Neural Networks, Texture Analysis, Fuzzy Clustering and Genetic Algorithms
* 2010: Improved Snake Model for Automatic Extraction of Buildings from Urban Aerial Images and LiDAR Data Using Genetic Algorithm, An
* 2011: Uniform Robust Scale-Invariant Feature Matching for Optical Remote Sensing Images
* 2015: Distinctive Order Based Self-Similarity descriptor for multi-sensor remote sensing image matching
* 2015: Remote Sensing Image Matching Based on Adaptive Binning SIFT Descriptor
* 2017: Appearance-based multiple hypothesis tracking: Application to soccer broadcast videos analysis
* 2017: survey on player tracking in soccer videos, A
* 2019: Application of UAV Photogrammetry in Displacement Measurement of the Soil Nail Walls Using Local Features and CPDA Method
* 2019: Development of an Object-Based Interpretive System Based on Weighted Scoring Method in a Multi-Scale Manner
Includes: Ebadi, H. Ebadi, H.[Hamid]
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Ebadi, M.[Mahlagha] * 2020: Face recognition using patch manifold learning across plastic surgery from a single training exemplar per enrolled person

Ebadi, S.E. * 2015: Approximated RPCA for fast and efficient recovery of corrupted and linearly correlated images and video frames
* 2015: Efficient background subtraction with low-rank and sparse matrix decomposition
* 2016: Dynamic tree-structured sparse RPCA via column subset selection for background modeling and foreground detection
* 2016: Foreground Segmentation via Dynamic Tree-Structured Sparse RPCA
* 2017: UHD Video Super-Resolution Using Low-Rank and Sparse Decomposition
* 2018: Foreground Segmentation with Tree-Structured Sparse RPCA
Includes: Ebadi, S.E. Ebadi, S.E.[Salehe Erfanian]

Ebadighajari, A. * 2012: Design and Experimental Validation of a Cooperative Driving System in the Grand Cooperative Driving Challenge

Ebadollahi, S. * 2002: Echocardiogram videos: summarization, temporal segmentation and browsing
* 2004: Automatic view recognition in echocardiogram videos using parts-based representation
* 2006: Exploring the Dynamics of Visual Events in the Multi-dimensional Semantic Concept Space
* 2006: Modeling the Activity Pattern of the Constellation of Cardiac Chambers in Echocardiogram Videos
* 2007: end-to-end eChronicling System for Mobile Human Surveillance, An
* 2010: Localized Supervised Metric Learning on Temporal Physiological Data
* 2013: Framework for Mining Signatures from Event Sequences and Its Applications in Healthcare Data, A
Includes: Ebadollahi, S. Ebadollahi, S.[Shahram]
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Ebadzadeh, M.M.[Mohammad M.] * 2021: Entropy based dictionary learning for image classification

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