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El Zaart, A. * 1997: Phase-Based Disparity Estimation: a Spatial Approach
* 2002: Segmentation of SAR images
* 2014: new image segmentation method based On 3-dimensional entropic thresholding using a 3-dimensional (GLLALE) histogram, A
Includes: El Zaart, A. El Zaart, A.[Ali]

El Zafarany, A.[Abbas] * 2016: Comprehensive Statistical Study on Daytime Surface Urban Heat Island during Summer in Urban Areas, Case Study: Cairo and Its New Towns, A
Includes: El Zafarany, A.[Abbas] El-Zafarany, A.[Abbas]

El Zahar, M.[Mohamed] * 2009: Soccer video summarization using enhanced logo detection
Includes: El Zahar, M.[Mohamed] El-Zahar, M.[Mohamed]

El Zarki, M. * 1993: Bandwidth-allocation schemes for variable-bit-rate MPEG sources in ATM networks
* 1995: Adaptive data partitioning for MPEG-2 video transmission over ATM based networks
* 1999: Receiver-initiated resource renegotiation for VBR video transport
* 2011: Camera-based video synchronization for a federation of mobile projectors
* 2014: Mobile Collaborative Video
Includes: El Zarki, M. El Zarki, M.[Magda]

El Zehiry, N. * 2015: Automatic Segmentation of Spinal Canals in CT Images via Iterative Topology Refinement
Includes: El Zehiry, N. El-Zehiry, N.

El Zehiry, N.Y.[Noha Youssry] * 2008: graph cut based active contour for multiphase image segmentation, A
* 2008: graph cut based active contour without edges with relaxed homogeneity constraint, A
* 2008: Graph cut based deformable model with statistical shape priors
* 2010: Fast global optimization of curvature
* 2011: Combinatorial Optimization of the piecewise constant Mumford-Shah functional with application to scalar/vector valued and volumetric image segmentation
* 2011: Discrete Optimization of the Multiphase Piecewise Constant Mumford-Shah Functional
* 2013: Combinatorial Optimization of the Discretized Multiphase Mumford-Shah Functional
* 2016: Contrast Driven Elastica for Image Segmentation
Includes: El Zehiry, N.Y.[Noha Youssry] El-Zehiry, N.Y.[Noha Youssry]
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El Zeiny, A.[Ahmed] * 2021: Modeling Water Quality Parameters Using Landsat Multispectral Images: A Case Study of Erlong Lake, Northeast China
Includes: El Zeiny, A.[Ahmed] El-Zeiny, A.[Ahmed]

El Zeiny, A.M.[Ahmed Mohamed] * 2015: Remotely Sensed Soil Data Analysis Using Artificial Neural Networks: A Case Study of El-Fayoum Depression, Egypt
Includes: El Zeiny, A.M.[Ahmed Mohamed] El-Zeiny, A.M.[Ahmed Mohamed]

El Zini, J. * 2020: Deep Transfer Learning Framework for Seismic Data Analysis: A Case Study on Bright Spot Detection, A

El Zoghabi, A.[Adel] * 2021: DenMune: Density peak based clustering using mutual nearest neighbors
Includes: El Zoghabi, A.[Adel] El-Zoghabi, A.[Adel]

El Zoghby, N. * 2014: Optimal Object Association in the Dempster-Shafer Framework

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