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Elmaaroufi, K.[Karim] * 2018: Improved deep learning-based macromolecules structure classification from electron cryo-tomograms

Elmadjian, C. * 2018: Automatic Cricket Highlight Generation Using Event-Driven and Excitement-Based Features
* 2020: Eye Movement Classification with Temporal Convolutional Networks
Includes: Elmadjian, C. Elmadjian, C.[Carlos]

Elmagarmid, A.[Ahmed] * 2004: MPEG-7 based description schemes for multi-level video content classification

Elmagarmid, A.K. * 2001: Automatic image segmentation by integrating color-edge extraction and seeded region growing
* 2001: improved automatic isotropic color edge detection technique, An
* 2002: automatic algorithm for semantic object generation and temporal tracking, An
* 2002: Towards facial feature extraction and verification for omni-face detection in video/images
* 2004: Concept-Oriented Indexing of Video Databases: Toward Semantic Sensitive Retrieval and Browsing
Includes: Elmagarmid, A.K. Elmagarmid, A.K.[Ahmed K.]

Elmaghraby, A.[Adel] * 2008: graph cut based active contour for multiphase image segmentation, A
* 2008: graph cut based active contour without edges with relaxed homogeneity constraint, A
* 2008: Graph cut based deformable model with statistical shape priors
* 2011: 3D automatic approach for precise segmentation of the prostate from Diffusion-Weighted Magnetic Resonance Imaging
* 2011: Combinatorial Optimization of the piecewise constant Mumford-Shah functional with application to scalar/vector valued and volumetric image segmentation
* 2012: novel image-based approach for early detection of prostate cancer, A
* 2014: novel 4D PDE-based approach for accurate assessment of myocardium function using cine cardiac magnetic resonance images, A
* 2016: Image-based CAD system for accurate identification of lung injury
* 2017: comprehensive framework for early assessment of lung injury, A
* 2017: new framework for incorporating appearance and shape features of lung nodules for precise diagnosis of lung cancer, A
* 2018: Innovative 3D Adaptive Patient-Related Atlas for Automatic Segmentation of Retina Layers from Oct Images, An
* 2018: Novel ADCs-Based CNN Classification System for Precise Diagnosis of Prostate Cancer, A
* 2018: Novel Autoencoder-Based Diagnostic System for Early Assessment of Lung Cancer, A
* 2018: Towards Personalized Autism Diagnosis: Promising Results
* 2019: Novel CT-Based Descriptors for Precise Diagnosis of Pulmonary Nodules, A
* 2020: Analysis Of The Importance Of Systolic Blood Pressure Versus Diastolic Blood Pressure In Diagnosing Hypertension: MRA Study.
* 2020: Comprehensive Framework For Accurate Classification of Pulmonary Nodules, A
Includes: Elmaghraby, A.[Adel] Elmaghraby, A.
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Elmaghraby, A.S.[Adel S.] * 2007: Bilateral Breast Volume Asymmetry in Screening Mammograms as a Potential Marker of Breast Cancer: Preliminary Experience
* 2007: Concentric Morphology Model for the Detection of Masses in Mammography, A
* 2018: Automated Classification Framework for Pressure Ulcer Tissues Based on 3D Convolutional Neural Network, An
* 2018: Tissues Classification for Pressure Ulcer Images Based on 3D Convolutional Neural Network
Includes: Elmaghraby, A.S.[Adel S.] Elmaghraby, A.S.

Elmahdy, H.N.[Hesham N.] * 2004: Evaluation of Webcam Achitecture Challenges
* 2019: survey on human detection surveillance systems for Raspberry Pi, A

Elmahdy, M.S.[Mohamed S.] * 2018: Evaluation of Multi-metric Registration for Online Adaptive Proton Therapy of Prostate Cancer

Elmahdy, S.[Samy] * 2020: Flash Flood Susceptibility Modeling and Magnitude Index Using Machine Learning and Geohydrological Models: A Modified Hybrid Approach
* 2020: Land Use/Land Cover Changes Impact on Groundwater Level and Quality in the Northern Part of the United Arab Emirates
* 2021: Regional Mapping of Groundwater Potential in Ar Rub Al Khali, Arabian Peninsula Using the Classification and Regression Trees Model

ElMahmoudy, S.[Safinaz] * 2020: Wavelet-based Retinal Image Enhancement

Elmahmudi, A.[Ali] * 2019: Biharmonic Eigenface, The

Elmali, M. * 2020: Rtip: A Fully Automated Root Tip Tracker For Measuring Plant Growth With Intermittent Perturbations

Elman, L.B. * 2007: High-Dimensional Spatial Normalization of Diffusion Tensor Images Improves the Detection of White Matter Differences: An Example Study Using Amyotrophic Lateral Sclerosis

Elmanadili, Y. * 1996: Precision Rectification of SPOT Imagery Using the Direct Linear Transformation Model

Elmanadilli, Y.[Yasser] * 2002: Assessment of Two Cheap Close-Range Feature Extraction Systems

Elmannai, H. * 2012: Perceptron nonlinear blind source separation for feature extraction and image classification
* 2016: new classification approach based on source separation and feature extraction, A

Elmansouri, M. * 2020: Toward Classification of Arabic Manuscripts Words Based on the Deep Convolutional Neural Networks

Elmarhomy, A.[Ahmed] * 2011: method for counting passersby using time-space image, A

Elmas, M.[Merve] * 2016: Towards Category Based Large-Scale Image Retrieval Using Transductive Support Vector Machines
* 2018: Large-scale image retrieval using transductive support vector machines

Elmasry, A.B.[Alaa B.] * 2011: Tackling the Problem of Invariant Texture Retrieval Using Multiple Strategies

Elmasry, G.F. * 2003: Joint lossless-source and channel coding using ARQ-(N, M) for image transmission

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