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Ercegovac, M.D.[Milos D.] * 1996: Vector quantization with compressed codebooks
* 1996: Vector Quantization With Variable-Precision Classification
Includes: Ercegovac, M.D.[Milos D.] Ercegovac, M.D.

Ercek, R. * 2016: Explorations for real-time point cloud rendering of natural scenes in virtual reality

Ercelebi, E. * 2006: Lifting-based wavelet domain adaptive Wiener filter for image enhancement
* 2016: Design and implementation of a teleconferencing system using improved HEVC coding
* 2016: early split and skip algorithm for fast intra CU selection in HEVC, An
Includes: Ercelebi, E. Erçelebi, E.[Ergun]

Ercelik, E.[Emec] * 2021: AerialMPTNet: Multi-Pedestrian Tracking in Aerial Imagery Using Temporal and Graphical Features

Ercetin, O.[Ozgur] * 2006: Video Streaming to Multiple Clients over Wireless Local Area Networks
* 2007: Rate-distortion based real-time wireless video streaming
* 2015: On the Quality and Timeliness of Fusion in a Random Access Sensor Network
Includes: Ercetin, O.[Ozgur] Ercetin, O.

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