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Eskafi, F. * 1993: new class of B/W halftoning algorithms, A

Eskandari Damaneh, H. * 2019: Assessment and Mapping of Iran Desertification Intensity Using Arcgis Environment
* 2019: Assessment, Monitoring and Early Warning System for Desertification Based On Water Criterion (case Tudy: Kashan, Iran)

Eskandari, F.[Farzad] * 2018: Finding a set of candidate parents using dependency criterion for the K2 algorithm

Eskandari, H. * 2013: Mesh Adaptation for Improving Elasticity Reconstruction Using the FEM Inverse Problem
* 2015: Ultrasound RF Time Series for Classification of Breast Lesions

Eskandari, I.[Iraj] * 2019: Fuzzy Object-Based Image Analysis Methods Using Sentinel-2A and Landsat-8 Data to Map and Characterize Soil Surface Residue

Eskandari, M. * 2006: Active-vision-based multisensor surveillance: An implementation
* 2014: Feature extractor selection for face-iris multimodal recognition
* 2014: Fusion of face and iris biometrics using local and global feature extraction methods
* 2015: Selection of optimized features and weights on face-iris fusion using distance images
* 2016: Heart Rate Tracking using Wrist-Type Photoplethysmographic (PPG) Signals during Physical Exercise with Simultaneous Accelerometry
* 2016: Log-Gabor Transforms and Score Fusion to Overcome Variations in Appearance for Face Recognition
* 2017: Geospatial Analysis of Earthquake Damage Probability of Water Pipelines Due to Multi-Hazard Failure
* 2017: Optimum scheme selection for face-iris biometric
* 2019: Effect of face and ocular multimodal biometric systems on gender classification
* 2019: Interactive-Automatic Segmentation and Modelling of the Mitral Valve
* 2019: Seismic Damage Assessment of Lifelines Based On Geospatial Analysis
* 2021: Using Hybrid Artificial Intelligence and Evolutionary Optimization Algorithms for Estimating Soybean Yield and Fresh Biomass Using Hyperspectral Vegetation Indices
Includes: Eskandari, M. Eskandari, M.[Maryam] Eskandari, M.[Mohammad] Eskandari, M.[Mehdi] Eskandari, M.[Milad]
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Eskandari, R.[Roghieh] * 2020: Meta-analysis of Unmanned Aerial Vehicle (UAV) Imagery for Agro-environmental Monitoring Using Machine Learning and Statistical Models

Eskandari, S.[Saeedeh] * 2020: Mapping Land Cover and Tree Canopy Cover in Zagros Forests of Iran: Application of Sentinel-2, Google Earth, and Field Data

Eskandarian, A. * 2003: Research advances in intelligent collision avoidance and adaptive cruise control
* 2004: Challenges of intervehicle ad hoc networks
* 2007: Reliable Link-Layer Protocol for Robust and Scalable Intervehicle Communications, A
* 2015: Steering control collision avoidance system and verification through subject study
* 2019: Cooperative perception in autonomous ground vehicles using a mobile-robot testbed
* 2020: 2014-2017 George N. Saridis Best Transactions Paper Award, The
* 2021: Research Advances and Challenges of Autonomous and Connected Ground Vehicles
Includes: Eskandarian, A. Eskandarian, A.[Azim]
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Eskander, G.S.[George S.] * 2012: Adaptation of Writer-Independent Systems for Offline Signature Verification
* 2013: Dissimilarity-Based Approach for Biometric Fuzzy Vaults-Application to Handwritten Signature Images, A
* 2013: Hybrid writer-independent writer-dependent offline signature verification system
* 2017: Generation of Duplicated Off-Line Signature Images for Verification Systems

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