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Estuar, M.R.J.E.[Ma. Regina Justina E.] * 2020: Ensemble Convolutional Neural Networks for the Detection of Microscopic Fusarium Oxysporum

Estudillo Romero, A.[Alfonso] * 2008: Hermite Transform: An Alternative Image Representation Model for Iris Recognition, The
* 2009: Advances in Rotation-Invariant Texture Analysis
* 2011: Rotation-invariant texture features from the steered Hermite transform
Includes: Estudillo Romero, A.[Alfonso] Estudillo-Romero, A.[Alfonso]

Estupinan, E.[Edgar] * 2007: Cyclostationary Analysis Applied to Detection and Diagnosis of Faults in Helicopter Gearboxes, A
Includes: Estupinan, E.[Edgar] Estupiņan, E.[Edgar]

Esturo, J.M.[Janick Martinez] * 2008: Multiple Aligned Characteristic Curves for Surface Fairing

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