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Ettel, P.[Peter] * 2019: 3D-Modelling of Charlemagne's Summit Canal (Southern Germany): Merging Remote Sensing and Geoarchaeological Subsurface Data

Ettema, J.[Janneke] * 2018: Distinguishing between Hazardous Flooding and Non-Hazardous Agronomic Inundation in Irrigated Rice Fields: A Case Study from West Java

Etten, A. * 2019: SpaceNet MVOI: A Multi-View Overhead Imagery Dataset

Etten, A.V. * 2020: City-Scale Road Extraction from Satellite Imagery v2: Road Speeds and Travel Times

Ettengruber, M.[Michael] * 2012: Challenges in Storing Multimedia Data for the Future: An Overview

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