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Ababneh, S.[Sufyan] Co Author Listing * Compensated Signature Embedding Based Multimedia Content Authentication System
* Iterative compensation schemes for multimedia content authentication

Ababou, R.[Rachel] Co Author Listing * CUDA Implementation of a Point Cloud Shape Descriptor Method for Archaeological Studies
* dedicated lightweight binocular stereo system for real-time depth-map generation, A
* Guided Stereo to Improve Depth Resolution of a Small Baseline Stereo Camera Using an Image Sequence
* Multi-Kinect scene reconstruction: Calibration and depth inconsistencies
Includes: Ababou, R.[Rachel] Ababou, R.

Ababsa, F.[Fakhreddine] Co Author Listing * 3D Human Tracking from Depth Cue in a Buying Behavior Analysis Context
* 3D Human Tracking in a Top View Using Depth Information Recorded by the Xtion Pro-Live Camera
* 3D Planar RGB-D SLAM System
* Adaptive dynamic time warping for recognition of natural gestures
* Fusion of structural and textural features for melanoma recognition
* Hybrid 3D-2D human tracking in a top view
* Hybrid tracking system for robust fiducials registration in augmented reality
* Photometric Aspects: A New Approach For 3D Free Form Object Recognition Using a Single Luminance Image
* Robust camera pose tracking for augmented reality using particle filtering framework
* robust framework for tracking simultaneously rigid and non-rigid face using synthesized data, A
* Simple Human Activity Recognition Technique Using DCT, A
* U3PT: A New Dataset for Unconstrained 3D Pose Tracking Evaluation
* Vision-inertial tracking system for robust fiducials registration in augmented reality
Includes: Ababsa, F.[Fakhreddine] Ababsa, F. Ababsa, F.[Fakhr_Eddine]
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Ababsa, F.E. Co Author Listing * 2D/3D automatic matching technique for 3D recovering of free form objects
* 3D Face Pose and Animation Tracking via Eigen-Decomposition Based Bayesian Approach
* Handling Occlusions for Robust Augmented Reality Systems
* Hybrid Camera Pose Estimation Combining Square Fiducials Localization Technique And Orthogonal Iteration Algorithm
* Hybrid Localization System for Mobile Outdoor Augmented Reality Applications
* Markerless Vision-Based Tracking of Partially Known 3D Scenes for Outdoor Augmented Reality Applications
* New approach for human detection in spherical images
* performance study for camera pose estimation using visual marker based tracking, A
Includes: Ababsa, F.E. Ababsa, F.E.[Fakhr-Eddine]
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