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Akan, A.[Aydin] Co Author Listing * Emotional state detection based on common spatial patterns of EEG
* Seizure onset detection based on frequency domain metric of empirical mode decomposition

Akan, A.K.[Adil Kaan] Co Author Listing * ADAPT: Efficient Multi-Agent Trajectory Prediction with Adaptation
* Just Noticeable Difference for Machines to Generate Adversarial Images
* SLAMP: Stochastic Latent Appearance and Motion Prediction
* StretchBEV: Stretching Future Instance Prediction Spatially and Temporally
Includes: Akan, A.K.[Adil Kaan] Akan, A.K.

Akan, C. Co Author Listing * Airborne LiDAR Measurements and Model Simulations of Tides, Waves, and Surface Slope at the Mouth of the Columbia River

Akan, O.B. Co Author Listing * Cross-Layer Framework for QoS Support in Wireless Multimedia Sensor Networks

Akanbi, O.O.[Oluwabukola Olufunke] Co Author Listing * Tale of Two Cities: COVID-19 Vaccine Hesitancy as a Result of Racial, Socioeconomic, Digital, and Partisan Divides, A

Akansu, A. Co Author Listing * Robust Oblivious Watermarking Scheme, A

Akansu, A.N. Co Author Listing * Capacity estimates for data hiding in compressed images
* Cover Noise Interference Suppression In Multimedia Data Hiding
* DCT coding for motion video storage using adaptive arithmetic coding
* Graph-Based Object Description for Information Retrieval in Digital Image and Video Libraries, A
* Human Activity Detection in MPEG Sequences
* Multi-Modal Dialog Scene Detection Using Hidden Markov Models for Content-Based Multimedia Indexing
* Multiplierless PR Quadrature Mirror Filters for Subband Image-coding
* new perspective for embedding-detection methods with distortion compensation and thresholding processing techniques, A
* Optimization of Dynamic UEP Schemes for Embedded Image Sources in Noisy Channels
* Performance evaluation and optimization of embedded image sources over noisy channels
* Progressive optimality in hierarchical filter banks
* Robust Data Hiding Scheme for Images Using DFT, A
* Special Issue on Theory and Application of Filter Banks and Wavelet Transforms
Includes: Akansu, A.N. Akansu, A.N.[Ali N.]
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