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Akima, H.[Hisanao] Co Author Listing * SimpleZSL: Extremely Simple and Fast Zero-Shot Learning with Nearest Neighbor Classifiers

Akimaliev, M.[Marlen] Co Author Listing * Improving skeletal shape abstraction using multiple optimal solutions
* Shape Abstraction through Multiple Optimal Solutions

Akimoto, K.[Keiichi] Co Author Listing * Automated Procedures with Coded Targets in Industrial Vision Metrology
* Visible Video Data Hiding Scheme Based on Fade-In and Fade-Out Effects Utilizing Barcodes, A
Includes: Akimoto, K.[Keiichi] Akimoto, K.[Kento]

Akimoto, N. Co Author Listing * 360-Degree Image Completion by Two-Stage Conditional GANs
* Diverse Plausible 360-Degree Image Outpainting for Efficient 3DCG Background Creation
* Document Shadow Removal with Foreground Detection Learning From Fully Synthetic Images
* Fast Soft Color Segmentation
Includes: Akimoto, N. Akimoto, N.[Naofumi]

Akimoto, Y.[Youhei] Co Author Listing * Feature Selection in Gait Classification Using Geometric PSO Assisted by SVM
* Global motion segmentation for mid-level representation of moving images
* new stabilized zero-crossing representation in the wavelet transform domain and signal reconstruction, A
* Unauthorized AI cannot recognize me: Reversible adversarial example
Includes: Akimoto, Y.[Youhei] Akimoto, Y.

Akimov, A. Co Author Listing * Lossless Compression of Color Map Images by Context Tree Modeling
* Lossless Compression of Map Contours by Context Tree Modeling of Chain Codes
* Reference line approach for vector data compression
Includes: Akimov, A. Akimov, A.[Alexander]

Akimov, D. Co Author Listing * Automatic left-right channel swap detection
* Occlusion refinement for stereo video using optical flow
* Separation of CARS image contributions with a Gaussian mixture model
Includes: Akimov, D. Akimov, D.[Denis]

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