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Akyurek, D. Co Author Listing * Land Use/land Cover Change Detection Using Multi-temporal Satellite Dataset: A Case Study in Istanbul New Airport
Includes: Akyurek, D. Akyürek, D. (Maybe also Akyuerek, D.)

Akyurek, Z. Co Author Listing * Automatic Training Site Selection of Agricultural Crop Classification: A Case Study on Karacabey Plain, Turkey
* Object-Based Classification of Multi-temporal Images for Agricultural Crop Mapping in Karacabey Plain, Turkey

Akyuz, A.O.[Ahmet Oguz] Co Author Listing * Automatic saturation correction for dynamic range management algorithms
* Deep Joint Deinterlacing and Denoising for Single Shot Dual-ISO HDR Reconstruction
* Ghost Removal in High Dynamic Range Images
* High dynamic range imaging pipeline on the GPU
* Just Noticeable Quantization Levels For High Dynamic Range Images
* Noise reduction in high dynamic range imaging
* Reliable and Reversible Image Privacy Protection Based on False Colors, A
* Selective local tone mapping
Includes: Akyuz, A.O.[Ahmet Oguz] Akyüz, A.O.[Ahmet Oguz] (Maybe also Akyuez, A.O.)Akyüz, A.O. (Maybe also Akyuez, A.O.)Akyuz, A.O.
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Akyuz, D.E. Co Author Listing * Flood Mapping and Permanent Water Bodies Change Detection Using Sentinel Sar Data

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