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Algabli, S.[Shaima] Co Author Listing * Embedding the node-to-node mappings to learn the Graph edit distance parameters
* Learning Graph Matching Substitution Weights based on a Linear Regression
* Learning the Graph Edit Distance Parameters for Point-Set Image Registration
* Node Matching Computation Between Two Large Graphs in Linear Computational Cost

Algahtany, M.[Mofza] Co Author Listing * Method for Exploring the Link between Urban Area Expansion over Time and the Opportunity for Crime in Saudi Arabia, A

Algamdi, A.M. Co Author Listing * Dronecaps: Recognition of Human Actions in Drone Videos Using Capsule Networks With Binary Volume Comparisons

Algan, E.[Eren] Co Author Listing * Simulation of Water Drops on a Surface

Algan, G.[Gorkem] Co Author Listing * Meta Soft Label Generation for Noisy Labels
* MetaLabelNet: Learning to Generate Soft-Labels From Noisy-Labels
* Semantic Segmentation for Thermal Images: A Comparative Survey
Includes: Algan, G.[Gorkem] Algan, G.[Görkem]

Algan, I.Y.[Irmak Yay] Co Author Listing * Comparison of Landscape Metrics for Three Different Level Land Cover/Land Use Maps

Alganci, U.[Ugur] Co Author Listing * Accuracy Assessment of Different Digital Surface Models
* Automated Orthorectification of VHR Satellite Images by SIFT-Based RPC Refinement
* Comparative Research on Deep Learning Approaches for Airplane Detection from Very High-Resolution Satellite Images
* Dynamic Land Cover Mapping of Urbanized Cities with Landsat 8 Multi-temporal Images: Comparative Evaluation of Classification Algorithms and Dimension Reduction Methods
* Evaluating BFASTMonitor Algorithm in Monitoring Deforestation Dynamics in Coniferous and Deciduous Forests with LANDSAT Time Series: A Case Study on Marmara Region, Turkey
* Rethinking CNN-Based Pansharpening: Guided Colorization of Panchromatic Images via GANs
* Satellite-Derived Bathymetry Mapping on Horseshoe Island, Antarctic Peninsula, with Open-Source Satellite Images: Evaluation of Atmospheric Correction Methods and Empirical Models
* Sentinel-1 Based Flood Mapping Using Interferometric Coherence And Intensity Change Detection Approach
* Separating Built-Up Areas from Bare Land in Mediterranean Cities Using Sentinel-2A Imagery
* VHRShips: An Extensive Benchmark Dataset for Scalable Deep Learning-Based Ship Detection Applications
Includes: Alganci, U.[Ugur] Alganci, U.
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Algarin, J.M. Co Author Listing * Analysis of the Noise Correlation in MRI Coil Arrays Loaded With Metamaterial Magnetoinductive Lenses
* Broadside-Split-Ring Resonator-Based Coil for MRI at 7 T, A

Algarni, A.D.[Abeer D.] Co Author Listing * Deep-Learning-Based Feature Extraction Approach for Significant Wave Height Prediction in SAR Mode Altimeter Data

Algarni, M.[Marei] Co Author Listing * Shape-tailored local descriptors and their application to segmentation and tracking
* SurfCut: Free-Boundary Surface Extraction
* SurfCut: Surfaces of Minimal Paths from Topological Structures

Algazi, V.R. Co Author Listing * Comparison of Line-by-Line and Two-Dimensional Encoding of Images
* Computing a Stable, Connected Skeleton from Discrete Data
* Continuous Skeleton Computation by Voronoi Diagram
* Describing 1-D Intensity Transistions with Gaussian Derivatives at the Resolutions Matching the Transition Widths
* Evaluation and synthesis of wavelet image coders
* Image enhancement using linear diffusion and an improved gradient map estimate
* Improved directional algorithm of the non-linear anisotropic diffusion equation for images
* Linear-Filtering of Images Based on Properties of Vision
* Medial Axis Representation and Encoding of Scanned Documents
* Objective picture quality scale for color image coding
* Picture quality evaluation model for color coded images: Considering observing points and local feature of image
* Quality Measurement and Use of Preprocessing in Image Compression
* Radiometric Equalization of Nonperiodic Striping in Satellite Data
* Theoretical Performance of Entropy-Encoded DPCM
Includes: Algazi, V.R. Algazi, V.R.[V. Ralph]
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