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Anam, A.I.[Asm Iftekhar] Co Author Listing * IMAPS: A smart phone based real-time framework for prediction of affect in natural dyadic conversation
* Unified Framework for Dividing and Predicting a Large Set of Action Units, A

Anam, A.M. Co Author Listing * Enhancement of low-resolution HEp-2 cell image classification using partial least-square regression

Anam, M.A. Co Author Listing * Mitigating Silent Data Corruptions in Integer Matrix Products: Toward Reliable Multimedia Computing on Unreliable Hardware
* Precision-Energy-Throughput Scaling of Generic Matrix Multiplication and Convolution Kernels via Linear Projections
* Throughput Scaling of Convolution for Error-Tolerant Multimedia Applications

Anamandra, S.H.[Sai Hareesh] Co Author Listing * CHILD: A robust Computationally-Efficient Histogram-based Image Local Descriptor
* COLOR CHILD: A robust and computationally efficient Color Image Local Descriptor

Anami, B.S. Co Author Listing * Acoustic signal based detection and localisation of faults in motorcycles
* Acoustic signal-based approach for fault detection in motorcycles using chaincode of the pseudospectrum and dynamic time warping classifier
* Base and apex angles and margin types-based identification and classification from medicinal plants' leaves images
* combined fuzzy and level sets' based approach for brain MRI image segmentation, A
* Comparative performance analysis of three classifiers for acoustic signal-based recognition of motorcycles using time- and frequency-domain features
* Detection of Copy-Create Image Forgery Using Luminance Level Techniques
* Fractals Based Multi-Oriented Text Detection System for Recognition in Mobile Video Images
* Localisation of multiple faults in motorcycles based on the wavelet packet analysis of the produced sounds
* method for identification and classification of medicinal plant images based on level set segmentation and SVM classification, A
* Recognition and classification of images of fruits' juices based on 3-Sigma approach
* Sentence level text classification in the Kannada language: A classifier's perspective
Includes: Anami, B.S. Anami, B.S.[Basavaraj S.]
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