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Ayari, E.[Emna] Co Author Listing * Analysis of Maize Sowing Periods and Cycle Phases Using Sentinel 1&2 Data Synergy
* Cereal Crops Soil Parameters Retrieval Using L-Band ALOS-2 and C-Band Sentinel-1 Sensors
* Hybrid Methodology Using Sentinel-1/Sentinel-2 for Soil Moisture Estimation

Ayari, H.[Hassan] Co Author Listing * Monitoring Irrigation Consumption Using High Resolution NDVI Image Time Series: Calibration and Validation in the Kairouan Plain (Tunisia)

Ayari, N. Co Author Listing * Hybrid Model-Based Emotion Contextual Recognition for Cognitive Assistance Services

Ayari, R. Co Author Listing * Analysis of Regional Deformation of the Heart's Left Ventricle Using Curvature Values with Hotelling T2 Metric

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