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Baid, U.[Ujjwal] Co Author Listing * 1st Agriculture-Vision Challenge: Methods and Results, The
* ADAM Challenge: Detecting Age-Related Macular Degeneration from Fundus Images
* Fuse-PN: A Novel Architecture for Anomaly Pattern Segmentation in Aerial Agricultural Images
* MoNuSAC2020: A Multi-Organ Nuclei Segmentation and Classification Challenge

Baidar, T. Co Author Listing * Impact Assessment of Mikania Micrantha On Land Cover And Maxent Modeling to Predict Its Potential Invasion Sites
* Rice-Yield Prediction with Multi-Temporal Sentinel-2 Data and 3D CNN: A Case Study in Nepal
Includes: Baidar, T. Baidar, T.[Tina]

Baidoo Williams, H.E. Co Author Listing * On the Gradient Descent Localization of Radioactive Sources
Includes: Baidoo Williams, H.E. Baidoo-Williams, H.E.

Baidyk, T. Co Author Listing * Flat image recognition in the process of microdevice assembly
* Improved Method of Handwritten Digit Recognition Tested on MNIST Database
* Neural classifier for micro work piece recognition
* Work piece recognition based on the permutation neural classifier technique
Includes: Baidyk, T. Baidyk, T.[Tatiana]

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